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The joy of being on 2 wheels

After spending the winter being a bit too lazy, we finally got back on the saddle and went for an “ease yourself in slowly” 20 mile (or 25km) bike trip! The feeling of pedalling along the Korcula coast with a light breeze to keep you cool is exhilarating (easily compensating the slightly achy derrière the following day). We took one our favourite routes (thankfully one of the flatter ones) to the pretty fishing village of Racisce and then onto the Bay of Samograd, a beach we hadn’t visited before. On previous trips we had stopped short at the stunning bay of Vaja.

View over Peljesac from Kneza on route to Racisce
View over Peljesac from Kneza on route to Racisce

Samograd is about a 10 minute bike ride from Racisce or a half an hour walk. From the village follow the steep hill west and then take the first track on your left through the grapes and olive groves. The track is a little hilly with a few short steep inclines (which I didn’t attempt to pedal back up) but not too difficult to walk. You will then come to a trail down, just before the road bends sharply to the right (which if you follow further provides fantastic photo opportunities over the bay). The track down to the beach is much easier than the scramble down to Vaja. We left the bikes at the top of this track to avoid a pedal back up. This track is also passable for cars.

John prepares for the steep hill up
John prepares for the steep hill up

Samograd is a narrow beach covered with the island’s typical white pebbles with the azure sea lapping at the edges. Again it is breathtakingly beautiful. The beach is pinned in by huge cliffs covered with bushy firs, so the sea in the bay is very tranquil, ideal for swimming and snorkelling. I did dip my toes in but still a bit too chilly for me, brrrr! I need it much warmer too swim. However my toes are now famous and featured on Twitter and the Toemail blog.

View over the bay of Samograd
View over the bay of Samograd

There is also a cave site in Samograd, one of the many on the island of Korcula and said to be the most beautiful here. We are very keen to investigate and despite our “exploration instincts” this calls for some expert guidance – so if anyone knows anyone who can show us, let us know!


8 thoughts on “The joy of being on 2 wheels”

  1. I have a friend who’s from Croatia and is always talking about the beauty of her country’s beaches. She’s praised them so much that just last summer I told the Significant Other, “Why don’t we visit Croatia?” Because he’s not really the beach type, I haven’t quite convinced him but I’m not giving up hope. Your pictures and post just inspire me to be more tenacious! 🙂


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