Wakling Route in Korcula Town
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Top Views of Korcula – Walking Route

The weather has been amazing the last few days on Korcula, so we’ve made the most of it by being outside as much as possible. One of the walks we took provides some awesome view-points – great for some snaps! If you find yourself on Korcula and fancy checking it out, we’ve outlined the route and some details about the views you can enjoy.

Walking Map of Korcula - Forteca, Monastery
Starting pointing at Tomy, with view-points marked, ending in Korcula Town

We started from home, but a good starting point could be from the Tomy shopping centre (located on the road heading out of town) or you could walk the route the other way and start from the centre of Korcula.

You’ll first past Sv. Luka Groblje, the town cemetery. Just after the cemetery take the road leading right and then after a short walk you’ll see the trail on the left leading up to Forteca. This fort was built in 1813 by the English during their brief period of rule on the island. Unfortunately the inside of the fort is quite derelict so strictly speaking you are not allowed to enter. Occasionally the entry door is left open and during the summer months a fire warden hunkers down here to keep a watchful eye out. If you do manage to get to the top (and if you do get inside, take great care) the views overlooking the archipelago are amazing.

You can read a little more about the British rule in the post we wrote for Total Croatia News: “25 Things to know about Korcula Island

Korcula Today
Fort Wellington “Forteca”
Views from Forteca (Fort Wellington) on Korcula Island
Views from the Fort. Photo Credit: Forget Some Day

From the fort you can take the steps leading down, which makes a quicker route back to the town, but if you head back in the direction you came and continue walking along the road, you will be greeted with one of the iconic views of the Old Town.

The road then continues for awhile and you can enjoy slightly different angles of the Old Town and views across the channel to the Peljesac Peninsula. There’s another set of steps down, which again is a short route back into town, but we recommend that you continue the walk.

Eventually the road bends back on itself heading in the direction of the centre of Korcula. Looking out to the sea to your left and behind you, you’ll see views of the pretty bay of Strecica which is a popular place to stay in Korcula, as well as the bay of Medvinjak.

Next up on your left you will see the monastery and church of Sv.Nikole (Saint Nicholas), which is currently under-going some renovation work on the exterior. It was first built in the 15th century and re-built in 1665 with a second nave. It is also one of the venues for the Baroque Music Festival which will be held for the 5th year on Korcula Island from 3rd – 17th September.

Monastery in Korcula Town - Sveti Nikola, Korcula Island
Monastery and Church of St Nicholas

As you continue along Sv.Nikola street, the majestic Old Town of Korcula will come back in view. There are a couple of small swimming spots located along this road if you need to cool down after your walk. Or, do as we did the other day and stop in the town for coffee and cake! We stopped off at Arula and enjoyed a coconut cake and jam doughnut on their shaded terrace. No photos of this as we’ve learnt to eat & drink quickly with a very active 15 month toddler in-tow!

Beautiful Views of Korcula Old Town
Beautiful Views of Korcula Old Town
Kortez enjoying the views!

We’ll be sure to bring you details about other walking or cycling trails that can be enjoyed on Korcula.

Why not share your favourite walks with us below.


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11 thoughts on “Top Views of Korcula – Walking Route”

  1. It looks fabulous! 🙂 Can I share it on my next Jo’s Monday walk? As you might have noticed I’ll be away for a week or so but it would appear on 25th April. It’s a walk I’d love to do myself! 🙂 🙂


  2. I did the walk up to the perfect vantage point for photos and then up to Forteca but all up some steps.
    I also enjoyed walking the other way out of town to the ‘101’ Dalmatian steps leading up to Sveti Antun church.
    Glorious views over Otok Badija and Planjak from up there!


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