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Top 10 Things To Do with the Kids on Korcula

An important part of any family holiday is spending quality time together. However, keeping the children entertained at the same time can sometimes be a challenge. We’ve got some great ideas of things to do with the kids during your family holiday to Korcula to ensure everyone stays happy.

A splash and a splosh

Korcula is surrounded by a fun watery playground, with endless possibilities of things to do. You could hire kayaks and paddle across the calm sea to the monastery islet of Badija. Just remember to take your snorkelling masks with you. Or you could take it more leisurely on a boat trip around the Korcula Archipelago and let the kids jump off the boat straight into the sea.

If you’re travelling with older children, why not book them a scuba “try-dive” with Dupin Dive Centre or a wind surfing lesson with Oreb Sailing school. Better still, why not join them. It’s a family holiday after all.

Family Holiday - Things to do with the Kids

Exploring Nature

If you have a budding David Attenborough or Bear Gryllis, Korcula has ample forests, nature parks and a fair share of wildlife to feed their passion. Jump on a bus and head over to the village of Zrnovo where you can climb over rocks looking out for a creepy crawly or two. You can also climb up to Forteca from Korcula Town, an old fort built by the British in the 1800s. You’ll also find a Geocache up there, if you or your kids are into it. Or for a history fix, take the children to Vela Luka and walk up to Vela Spila cave. Here you can show them where their great-great-great (and a lot more greats) ancestors came from. Buses also leave regularly from Korcula Town to Vela Luka.

Visit Kocje

Get on Your Bike

I think almost every child loves to ride a bike. You can rent bikes from numerous travel agencies (in varying sizes) as well as helmets. Heading to the middle of the island is all up hill, but there are some flatter routes (I’m not worried about the children here, just in case the adults are out of practice!). Cycling to Lumbarda is a great choice as it is very family orientated, as well as cycling the coastal road towards Zrnovska Banja and Vrbovica. You’ll find rewarding beaches at the end of each of these cycle rides. Just be sensible if you are visiting on your family holiday in the summer as it gets very hot during the middle of the day. Our self guided Instagram cycling tour to Lumbarda provides information and tips.

Family Holiday - Things to do with the Kids

A Day at the Beach

You may have read or heard about Croatia’s beaches. The majority of them are pebbly or rocky, but Korcula has a couple of children-friendly sandy beaches. Perfect for small feet away from any sharp rocks or spikey urchins, which are found a lot along the shoreline. The water here also stays shallow so it the ideal spot for beginner swimmers. Pack up a picnic and hop on a bus or water taxi to Lumbarda and find your spot of sand on Przina or Bilin Zal beaches.

Family Holiday - Things to do with the Kids
Photo Credit: Lumbarda Tourist Board

Outdoor Spaces

You’ll find an abundance of playgrounds and sports grounds across the island. In Korcula Town there’s a new playground next to the cultural centre and you’ll also find one next to the swimming pool located just out of town. Football pitches are dotted around the island and a volleyball court can be found next to Przina beach in Lumbarda (ask in the snack bar next door if they have a ball to borrow). There’s also trampolines in Korcula Town on Banja Beach and in the centre of Lumbarda so the little members of the family can bounce around for a while. For the adults, you’ll also find a café-bar not too far away!

Family Holiday - Things to do with the Kids

Inflatables and Mocktails

We never need a reason to hit the beach on Przi Zal in Lumbarda. It’s a pebble beach popular with families due to its central location. It also boasts a very fun water inflatable park, which you don’t have to be a child to bounce around on! The onsite beach bar is also the perfect place to refresh with a mocktail for the kids and a cocktail for the parents. There’s also an ice cream shop a few metres away. All in all you’ll find Lumbarda to be great place to spend plenty of time during your family holiday to Korcula.

Family Holiday - Things to do with the Kids

Try some local food

We appreciate that kids can be difficult when it comes to food, but you still need to replenish their energy levels. Many restaurants on the island offer a laid back dinning style and are extremely welcoming to children. With a strong Italian influence on food, you’ll find tasty pizzerias (try Torkul in Lumbarda and Tedeschi in Korcula). You’ll find many pasta options on menus and we recommend you all try the local speciality from Zrnovo, Zrnovski Makaruni which is made from a rich meat sauce. Simple grilled meats such as chicken or cevapcici (minced-meat sausages) and fresh fish are widely available. For afters, you’ll find ice cream shops and stalls everywhere or ask for palancinke at the restaurant (pancakes) typically served with jam or Nutella.

Family Holiday - Things to do with the Kids

Outdoor Cinema

Just on the Old Town walls to the left of the main entrance staircase, you’ll find the outdoor cinema. Every Monday and Thursday through-out the summer you can watch a performance of the Moreska. This active sword dance will keep all the family entertained as the quick footed red and black soldiers battle for the love of one lady. Or how about watching a film under the stars as latest movie releases are regularly shown in the outdoor cinema. Make sure you pick up some sweets or popcorn from one of the kiosks in the market outside before the film starts. This is a great family holiday night out option.

Family Holiday - Things to do with the Kids

Night time fun

The biggest night on the Korcula calendar is 30 June. Every year locals and tourists of all ages party alongside each other and welcome the Half New Year in. A long standing tradition in the town, fancy dress is also encouraged with the locals going to great lengths to make the best costumes. If you’re not visiting at that time, there’s still lots of other activities to enjoy during your family holiday to Korcula. In many villages and towns, the local tourist board arranges a range of night time things to do such as fisherman evenings, donkey races and beach games such as tug of war. From personal experience of badly riding a donkey, the donkey races are a real hoot.

Family Holiday - Things to do with the Kids

Visit the National Park on Mljet

Spend some time during your family holiday on paradise, as Mljet Island is simply beautiful. Start the day with a fun RIB ride from Korcula to Pomena on Mljet. Head to the entrance of the National Park, buy your tickets and let your feet lead the way. There are numerous paths to let the kids run wild or places to hire bikes if you haven’t had enough of cycling yet. You’ll eventually discover two island salt water lakes – the big and the small. At a small fee you can then take a boat trip across to St Mary’s, an island within an island and explore the Church and Monastery built here. It’s also possible to kayak around the lakes. Then spend the afternoon relaxing by the crystal clear waters and taking frequent dips in that enchanting sea. You’ll find a family-friendly pebble beach at Mali most.

Family Holiday - Things to do with the Kids

Rainy Day Bonus

So no-one really likes the rain on a summer holiday+ and thankfully rainfall is pretty rare on Korcula during this time. However, as the weather can sometimes be unpredictable, it’s good to have a backup plan, just in case. You could visit the Marko Polo museum and learn more about the explorer who is said to have been born on the island, or climb the bell tower in the Cathedral for some awesome views (which are still pretty cool in the rain). There’s nothing wrong with swimming in the rain but if you prefer an indoor option, there is an Olympic swimming pool located just outside of Korcula Town. One final way to escape the deluge, is to go under the sea. Take a semi-submarine tour around the Old Town and see what lies beneath the old walls.

Read more tips for a fun family holiday on Korcula.

What do you like doing on your family holiday?


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Family Holiday - Things to Do


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