When to visit Korcula Island
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When’s the best time to visit Korcula?

Of course you can visit Korcula Island any time of the year, but you may want to consider a few factors to help you decide when to come.

When to visit Korcula Island. Planning tips for your holiday to Korcula, Croatia
Capturing the Old Town entrance without people in the shot, takes careful planning about when to visit Korcula!

Getting to and off the island

In the months outside of late April to mid-October, flight options to the airports closest to Korcula (Dubrovnik and Split) are reduced. Low cost airliners do not fly during the “winter” months.

There are public transport options from Split and Dubrovnik to Korcula (and back again) every day through out the year. So no worries about being marooned on the island – unless of course you want to stay forever! There are more transfer options in the months of July/August, closely followed by June/September.

Our advice – First check the arrival and departure times of the airliners travelling to Dubrovnik and Split. Then make sure those times connect with on-going transport to/from the island. You can find information about travelling from Split/Dubrovnik to Korcula on our website.

When to visit Korcula Island - Transportation options

What’s the weather like on Korcula?

  • July and August are by far the hottest months on Korcula, sometimes peaking at 40ºC! If you’re looking for a beach holiday, these are the months to visit, but you will have more people to contend with to get the prime sunbathing spot.
  • June and September are good “all-rounder” months. You still get the sun, it’s warm enough to swim, but the heat is not so stifling, so you can enjoy more outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking or kayaking.
  • During the Spring months of April & May and the Autumn months of October & November, you can still enjoy some beautiful sunny weather, but there’s a chance of rain and it’s cooler. These are the perfect months for people who like outdoor pursuits such as walking, hiking and cycling.
  • Outside of these months, the weather is a lot more unsettled. It’s not normally freezing cold, but the chance of rain is fairly high and when the north wind, known locally as the Bura blows, you certainly feel the chill. Although you are certainly likely to witness one of the island’s awesome thunderstorms – if you like that sort of thing!

Our advice – If a sunshine holiday is top priority, visit Korcula between mid-June to mid-September when there’s a high chance of lots of sun.

When to visit Korcula Island - What's the weather like

“The season”

Approximately, the full holiday season on Korcula starts from Easter and continues until the end of October. This period is split into a high, mid (shoulder) & low season.

  • High season is July and August. All the restaurants, bars & shops are open and there are events taking place in every town and village. This time of the year is the busiest, accommodation prices are at the highest and you’re going to have to queue to get your ice-cream…but it’s worth the wait! There are also lots of outdoor events taking place.
  • Mid season is June/September. Most of the restaurants, bars & shops are open and prices for accommodation are more reasonable. The event calendar for the island is not so ram-packed. If you’re tied to school holidays, this is a really pleasant time to visit.
  • Low season is April/May and October.  Places are slowly awakening from the winter hibernation or beginning to get ready to unwind after the summer! There are some key events to enjoy, such as Easter and the Marco Polo Triathlon and it’s an opportunity to view the island without the masses of people.

Out of season is SO different to summer! Yes the café-bars are open because everyone needs coffee and there’s a couple of restaurants open, but there is not much going on Korcula, except sleeping!

Our advice – Ultimately the decision when to visit to Korcula is your personal choice and no doubt shaped by cost considerations, work or family commitments. Korcula Island offers something throughout the year, so make sure you pick a time when you’re going to get the best experience of the island.

When to visit Korcula Island - When is the season

Activities & Things to do

If you would like to join scheduled tours, visit museums or wineries, these things are best done in the mid or high season.

  • Many activity providers start from May and finish around October (depending on the tour their offer and the weather).
  • Public museums such as the Korcula Town museum open year round, but in the winter period or low season have reduced opening hours.
  • Privately owned musuems, such as the Marco Polo Exhibition, are closed in the winter and low season, typically opening in late April until October.
  • Wineries and other local producers tend to open in May. Local producers may have periodic closures or reduced hours during harvest time. For example the wineries harvest late August/September.
  • There are always things to do that don’t have opening and closed times though, such as enjoying a walk through the countryside.
When to visit Korcula Island - Activities and things to do

Our wine tasting & food tours and the Self Guided Cycling Tour start in May and will finish early to mid October. Outside of these months we are available to run flexible walking or cycling tours. Boat trips typically commence from mid to late May or when the weather is stable enough. Island tours can be arranged year round although certain activities may not be available (for example swimming at the beach, winery visits).

There are also plenty of events taking place from April to October. Events to enjoy on Korcula Island in 2019.

When you do think you would like to visit Korcula Island? Or even better, when are you planning on visiting?

Pin this post to your holiday board to help with your planning.

When to visit Korcula Island. Tips for planning your holiday to Korcula.

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