Beaches on Korcula Island
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Stunning Beaches of Korcula

Dotted all around the coastline of Korcula Island are beautiful beaches to relax at, with unbelievably clear blue sea to cool off in. Below you can read about where we like to chill out on a sunny day and what we think are the best beaches on Korcula Island.

Many of these beaches and bays are only reachable by car/scooter, or a bit of a walk, as the bus route only goes to the central villages & towns. However it’s definitely worth making the effort to search them out. Any holiday to Korcula must include a visit to one or two of these beaches!

Zitna Beach, Zavalatica, Korcula Island

With very good reason there’s a photo on Pinterest that’s been shared so many times and it’s of Zitna beach. Just a 5 minute walk from the centre of Zavalatica (the nearest inhabited bay), the colour of the sea at Zitna is an amazing blend of blues and greens. The sea-bed is mostly sandy which makes the colour so unique, although the beach is pebble. Other than a house (which you can actually rent as a holiday home), there are no other amenities at the beach but you will find a supermarket and restaurant in Zavalatica.

Vaja Beach, Racisce, Korcula Island

If you’ve been following us for a while you’ll know this is our favourite beach on Korcula Island. Around a 15 minute walk from the nearby fishing village of Racisce, the area in which Vaja beach is located was once a well used island quarry. Although not the easiest beach to get to (it’s a steep walk down) the clarity of the sea is incredible and makes it a great snorkelling spot. The pebbles on the beach are large so you might want to take something with you to lie on and the nearest amenities (shop, restaurant, and bar) are back in the village.

Beaches on Korcula Island - Vaja Beach, Racisce

Pupnatska Luka Beach, Pupnat, Korcula Island

A favourite beach amongst locals and visitors to Korcula Island, Pupnatska Luka lies on the south coast around 4.5kms from the oldest settlement on the island, Pupnat. The deep bay keeps it well sheltered making it family friendly. You’ll find a restaurant and snack-bar close to the beach and can hire sun-loungers and kayaks. A road goes down to the beach but a word of warning, as it’s one of Korcula’s most popular beaches, in the summer it gets busy, so arrive early to get a good parking spot. Our Beach Day on Korcula allows you flexibility to spend the day at Pupnatska Luka.

Bacva Beach, Pupnat, Korcula Island

We first visited this beach out of season when we viewed a holiday home located here and couldn’t wait to get back for a swim in the summer. It’s a bit of a scary 4km winding road down to Bacva beach, making it one of Korcula Island’s secluded beaches, but you’ll forget all about that when you arrive. It’s a “comfortable-to-lie-on” pebble beach with a small restaurant just off the beach-front. Our Beach Day on Korcula allows you flexibility to spend the day at Bacva Bay.

Secluded beaches on Korcula Island - Bacva Bay in Pupnat

Przina Beach, Lumbarda (the “sandy” beach), Korcula Island

If truth be told this isn’t exactly one of our most favourite beaches, however, as we now have a little toddler I imagine we will spend a lot of time there this summer! Przina is one of three sandy beaches you can find in Lumbarda which makes it a great spot for children. Along with all the fun castle-building sand, the water is also shallow making it particularly safe and basically urchin free. Easy to get to by bus, bike or car and there’s a fab, hard-working staffed restaurant-cafe on-site selling snack style food such as burgers, chips.

Sandy beach on Korcula Island - Przina in Lumbarda
Photo Credit: I Korcula

Prvi Zal, Lumbarda, Korcula Island

Another Lumbarda beach creeps into our top hang-outs. Despite its relatively small size, Prvi Zal in Lumbarda has a lot going on. Here you can rent kayaks or take a wind surfing lesson, bounce around on the inflatibles, catch some rays on a hired sun-lounger or a drink away the evening at the cocktail beach bar. It’s a pebble beach popular with a range of people because of everything it offers. Just a short walk away you’ll be in the centre of Lumbarda where you’ll find restaurants, bars and supermarkets.

Cocktail Beach on Korcula Island - Prvi Zal in Lumbarda

Orlandusa Beach and Rasohatica Beach, Defora, Korcula Island

These two tranquil and hidden beaches on Korcula Island are located on the south side in the area called Defora. Most easily accessible via the village of Zrnovo, where you’ll also find a supermarket to pick up supplies as there’s no amenities on either beach. They are harder to reach, possible by bike if you’re a keen cyclist, by scooter for a fun ride or a by car if you don’t mind taking some bumpy tracks. There’s a restaurant with beautiful views in the area of Orlandusa called Simunovo.

Hidden beaches on Korcula Island - Orlandusa Beach, Defora
Photo Credit @Fjaka
Hidden beaches on Korcula Island - Rasohatica Beach, Defora
Photo Credit @Fjaka

Stupe Islet, Korcula Archipelago

One of 20 islets in the Korcula Archipelago, we love to head to Stupe with friends for the day, soaking up the sun and enjoying a hearty meal (and one or two glasses of wine) at the konoba there. The islet is tiny mainly taken up by the restaurant, but there are some lovely swimming & snorkelling spots here. It’s reachable by boat – either a taxi-boat from the rank in Korcula town or you can hire one. It’s also one of Demi Moore’s favourites, who was here last summer.

Stunning beaches on Korcula Island - Stupe Islet, Korcula Archipelago
Photo Credit: Aerial Croatia

And on the list to visit this year…Proizd Islet, near Vela Luka

We’ve seen the photos of Proizd, a small island just off the coast of Vela Luka and it looks divine. I don’t really know why in all the years we’ve been living on Korcula we’ve not made it here yet! There’s 4 main areas to swim, one of which is a nudist beach, with slates of rock sloping into the memorising turquoise sea or white pebbles reflecting the sun. There’s a restaurant on the islet and it’s reachable from taxi boats departing from Vela Luka.

Photo Credit:

The beaches which are located close to a town of village (such as the sandy beaches in Lumbarda) can be reached by public bus and then by foot. Many of these beaches can also be reached by bike (some will require more pedal power), scooter or car.

If you don’t have transport to reach the more remote beaches, you could include a visit as part of a Korcula Island tour or arrange a private transfer by taxi.

How many beaches have you been to on Korcula Island? What’s your favourite beach on Korcula Island?

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Best beaches on Korcula Island

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