Visiting Zrnovo Village
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Village of Zrnovo – Korcula’s rural side

About Zrnovo Head 3km inland from Korcula old town and you will arrive at the very quiet and rural village of Zrnovo. The four rustic hamlets that make up Zrnovo sprawl amongst the green hillsides, randomly dotted by red-roofed houses and quaint old churches. It is one of the oldest settlements on the island and… Continue reading Village of Zrnovo – Korcula’s rural side

When to visit Korcula Island
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When’s the best time to visit Korcula?

When is the best time to visit Korcula Island? Our tips cover the weather, accommodation and things to do.

Things to do on Korcula Island
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9 Things to do on Korcula Island

There are an ample amount of things to do and see on Korcula Island. Here's 9 of our favourite ways to spend time here. 1. Eat fresh seafood As an island surrounded by some of the Mediterranean’s best waters, you can certainly enjoy some wonderful fresh fish here on Korcula. There is not much better… Continue reading 9 Things to do on Korcula Island

Spring on Korcula Island - Walking on Korcula
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Spring Walking on Korcula Island

“The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.” Spring has burst through Winter bringing with it record temperatures in Croatia. After the untypical VERY cold Winter in Dalmatia, which saw snow fall on Korcula Island and Dubrovnik, the sunny weather is very welcome. We’ve mentioned… Continue reading Spring Walking on Korcula Island

Where to eat on Korcula Island - Best of Summer 2017 on Korcula
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What to Eat on Korcula Island

I think it is safe to say, eating and drinking is crucial to any good holiday. EasyJet's inflight magazine referred to Korcula as a Treasure Island for gastronomy. So what should you be feasting on during your visit to Korcula?  Firstly if you’re fortunate enough to be invited to someone’s house for dinner, two pieces… Continue reading What to Eat on Korcula Island